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"Favorites" Gallery

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from dogs and cats and work on something completely different!
Here are a few pieces I've designed for friends, family, and just for the fun of it!

The Three Wise Men
I can't claim to be the originator of this design - it comes from a treasured family heirloom. Many years ago my father brought home a couple of "stained glass windows" - brightly colored acrylic pieces to put in the window. No one quite remembers their origins now, but we suspect that they may have come to him at work (he was a graphic artist and probably worked on an ad campaign for the product). The "Three Wise Men" was a holiday favorite, and went up in our window every Christmas. Eventually it became so fragile that we no longer dared keep rolling and unrolling it, so it remained in the window permanently. The photo shows the original piece; adapting it to actual stained glass wasn't as easy as it might look, as a "drawn" piece of art doesn't have to take into account the many issues involved in cutting and assembling actual glass! I created this panel as a surprise Christmas gift for my sister, who is the lovely lady shown in the photo.

Cat Burglar
While designing the book It's a Cat's Life, I decided to try something a bit different - and fun! Hence our cat burglar - kitty is dipping into a jewel chest, looking for something appropriate to wear to a soiree (or maybe just for a toy to bat under the couch). My sister and I had great fun combing thrift shops for costume jewelry with which to fill the chest to overflowing. This pattern was featured in the Fall 2014 issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly. Get the complete instructions for this pattern HERE!

Family, Friends and "Just Because"
When my sister saw the pattern for the black cat in the tree that I'd done for It's a Cat's Life, she said, "Gotta have that!" It reminded her of her beloved Brisco - even though it's not an actual portrait "from life." The lorikeet is based on a photo taken at the San Antonio Zoo; a couple of years ago, we had a delightful family Christmas gathering in San Antonio. My sister's mother-in-law was very taken with the colorful Australian birds at the zoo - they would perch on your head or shoulder and demand nectar - so I designed this panel as a gift to her for the next Christmas. The Siberians are simply a personal favorite of mine; the pattern can be found in Best in Show.

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